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J.J. Kavanagh & Sons operates 35 daily bus services to help you reach University College Dublin. Direct to Eden Quay, campuses are just a connecting Luas or bus away

118 daily services, we've got your college route covered.

"Stressful mornings are a thing of the past with J.J. Kavanagh & Sons. Knowing they run frequently and on time takes the hassle out of my daily commute."


H Mcloughlin

Academic year 2023

Dublin routes run 364 days a year, connecting you daily.


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Route Map

The UCD campus is made up of 7 main colleges and the main bus stops around the campus are located at UCD Stop 767, Blackrock Park, Whitethorn Road and Wynnsward Drive.

University College Dublin (UCD) – where learning and adventures collide!

Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of academic delight, as UCD emerges not only as an educational institution but as a vibrant hub of research, innovation and shared enjoyment within the community.

UCD are masters at engaging with its Irish pals on every level – just like the social butterflies of education.

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About University College Dublin

Hold on to your hat, because UCD’s been shaking up the modern Ireland education scene, and is now rubbing shoulders with the top 1% of universities worldwide.

UCD hosts over 38,000 students from 152 countries, on a 133-hectare parkland campus. 

UCD’s on a mission to unlock Ireland’s potential in people, culture, business and beyond, with their supercharged Strategy 2020-2024 as their map.


Going to a concert or staying out late in Dublin city?

Our buses operate into the early morning hours, ensuring a reliable option if you’re attending a concert or enjoying a late night in Dublin city. Check out our timetables to plan your route.